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Thiru's Gourmet Foods

Vegan Soup Sampler

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Mullugtwanny Soup [1L] + Sambar [1L] + Cauliflower Turmeric [1L] + Broccoli Kale [1L] + Garlic Mush Room [1L] + Pine Apple Rasam [1L]


Mullugtwanny Soup:

Lentil soup with puree vegetables, & ground black pepper It's name means "pepper - water" ... " milagu - thanni". Most-Heart-Healthy Award - Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada.


Spiced lentil stew with vegetables, tomatoes & cilantro. A traditional South Indian Delicacy!
Cauliflower Turmeric:
Rich in flavours with wholesome ingredients
Garlic Mush Room:
Aromatic nutritious soup rich in earthy flavours
Pine Apple Rasam:
A zesty peppery consomme!