Flavours for Our Community

Real food. Bold flavours. Locally yours!

Thiru’s Gourmet was founded with a simple dream - to bring the inspiring tastes of India to Canadian homes. Restauranteur and founder Chef Thiru is passionate about supporting local community initiatives that spread awareness of the flavourful world of spices from India. 

His unique creative recipe earned The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada’s ‘Most Heart Healthy Soup Award’ (2004) for the famous Mullugtwanny Soup. The popularity and demand of the local community inspired Chef Thiru to work with experts to bottle the delicious and nutritious recipe in a ready-to-eat format!

Over the years, Thiru’s Gourmet has added to our selection of offerings while staying true to our core values – caring for your health, mind, and soul with delicious flavours! Watch for Thiru’s Gourmet at a community events near you!

Nearly Half a Century in the Works!

‘Share our passion for authentic flavours and aromatic spices from the Indian sub-continent!’ – Chef Thiru

Meet Chef Thiru

The chef behind Thiru’s Gourmet is Chef Thiru, a renowned chef with over 45 years of international culinary expertise. Chef Thiru has worked in inspiring kitchens worldwide including India, Switzerland, Bahrain, UAE, Oman,  the USA, and now his home country of Canada!

Thiru’s passion for flavours - paired with his extensive experience, enables him to create unique dishes with authentic Indian flavours & his own twists. His restaurant, Classic Indian, has become a staple in the Waterloo community since its opening in 2001.

Thiru’s Gourmet is founded on the mission of providing you with quality food to use in your kitchen every day. Chef Thiru hand-picks the best ingredients from local sources to create soups and sauces in small batches in his kitchen. All our preparation is made with your health in mind.