At Thiru’s Gourmet, our promise is to use natural ingredients in all our foods!
We welcome you to take a peek in our pantry to explore the spices, vegetables & herbs used to make the wide, delicious flavours of our foods.
Learn more about each ingredient, and the Thiru’s Gourmet products which uses them!

A bowl of tumeric powder  fennel mustard seeds  red chillies coconut red lentils (masoor) 
yellow lentils (moong) onion tomatoes ginger garlic mint cilantro green chillies
 cauliflower broccoli  carrots celery fenugreek leaves vegetable oil curry powder garam masala ground pepper 
salt chickpeas eggplant tamarindcanola oil curry leaves coriander seeds sugar 
milk spinach clarified butter (ghee)  cinnamon ground cloves bay leaves cashews citric acid lentils
 distilled vinegar peanut butter (reduced fat) mangoes water (distilled) brown sugar pitted dates sultana raisins  black salt
 corn syrup soya sauce